Glyoxylic acid


Structural formula :

Molecular formula :C2H2O3

Physicochemical property : Aqueous solution of this products is transparent light yellow liquid. Soluble in water and ethanol, slightly soluble in ether and benzene etc.
Specification :

Index name


40% specification

50% specification

Monohydrate Powder specification


transparent light yellow liquid

transparent light yellow liquid

White or light yellow powder

Glyoxylic acid

40.0% min.

50.0% min.

80.0% min.


1.0% max.

1.0% max.

1.0% max.

Nitric acid

0.2% max.

0.2% max

0.1% max

Oxalic acid

2.0% max.

1.5% max.

1.5% max.

Use: Glyoxylic acid is a kind of basic organic chemical material. It is mainly used in the production of vanillin,ethylvanillin,p_hydroxyphenylglycine, p_hydroxyphenylhydantion, allatoin,p_hydroxyphenylacetic acid, p-hydroxyphenylacetamide ,2-hydroxyquinoxaline, 2-hydroxyphopshonoacetic acid etc.

Packing: 200L plastic pail

Storage: Stored in cool, dry and draughty place.

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